Sun and Spray: Jewelry Care Through the Summer Months

Summer sun, ice cream, saltwater and sunscreen all create wear and tear on your jewelry. Knowing this you can choose your jewelry accordingly! Follow these jewelry care tips that will keep your pieces well cared for and looking like new.

Spray from ocean breezes will tarnish metal jewelry over time


1)  Oily skin – In the summer, skin produces more oil and acid that can be a detriment to certain types of jewelry. Skin acids as well as perfume can strip plated metal jewelry over time. Both natural and applied oils will give jewelry a greasy and dull finish, especially glass and metal.

2)  Ocean spray – Many of us hit the beach and enjoy sailing and cruises. Salt water spray is corrosive to metal and it’s important to be aware what type of jewelry is worn when in these conditions.

3)  Sunscreen – This has a similar affect to oily skin. Watch for spray on types of sunscreens. If you use these, remember to take off your jewelry first!

4)  Sun – The sun itself will bleach certain materials, especially natural elements and some plastics.

For summer jewelry care, hang pieces in a dark place for storage. If you live in a humid environment, it may be worth putting certain pieces in anti-tarnish bags.

Keep wear and tear to a minimum by using soap and water with a clean, dry cloth to wipe off plated materials and glass. Don’t use polishing cloths as they can strip metal. When traveling, leave your precious jewelry at home.

Materials that will withstand these types of wear include wood, shell, pearl and glass. Good options for summer jewelry are simple strands of glass and beads – these are easy to clean. Faux (or real!) pearls are an option, too. When using glass pearls from the Czech Republic, know that they are coated and after time, this pearlized finish can wear off due to exposure to oily skin. When wearing this material, put it on cloth or around a collar. If on skin, wipe with gentle soap and water after wearing.

Are there other elements of summer jewelry care that you follow?


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