What to wear with colorful jewelry?

Color is a powerful element with incredible influences in our daily lives. Wearing colorful jewelry is a uniquely personal form of self expression, and conveys everything from personality to mood and emotion – it should be an every day indulgence!

Tailoring the correct colors to your skin tone can intensify your eye color and bring luminosity to your complexion, and by enhancing your wardrobe with colorful jewelry, you create individuality with statement pieces and visual interest with vibrant accent jewelry.

Azure Comet - Blue Vintage Faceted Glass and Crystal NecklaceWearing colorful jewelry invokes a sense of fun, creativity and reveals the soul of a free spirit; a splash of color can bring daring to that little black dress while experimenting with metallic tones can add charm to the simplicity of a cream peasant blouse.

Pablo Picasso once said: “Why do two colors, put one next to the other, sing?” The beauty of color in all its vibrancy and muted tones is its ability to inspire personal style. Playing with color and shades can create different looks with the same outfit – turn your lovely sienna cocktail dress into breathtaking elegance with a bronze bracelet and geometric necklace; jazz up denim jeans and a crisp white shirt with chunky red bangles and a vintage blue statement necklace.

Don’t be afraid to “clash” your colors. Be a style-visionary and pair raspberry and emerald jewelry with a dusky-pink tee and yellow shorts for fun, youthful energy; or work that fire-engine red dress with a lime-green necklace, silver bangles and purple earrings for a funky feel.Abacus - Vintage Bobbin and Coconut Shell Necklace

Remember the old adage, ‘blue and green should never be seen‘? It couldn’t be more wrong! Mix and match blue and green bangles with white capri pants and tank top, add a striking turquoise necklace and blue earrings, and you’ll turn heads with your fashion-forward style!

Feeling a little retro? Team an orange tee with a purple skirt and add some vintage silver and copper accent jewelry. For a more classic style, white and red seem to be the staple colors to match with your black dress or pant-suit, but why not add a little flamboyance with bold yellow bracelets or a hot-pink statement necklace?

Paint your style with color to express the many different shades of you. Mix, match, blend, clash! The only limitations are those we place on ourselves – embrace color in your fashion and jewelry, like Picasso said: it will make you sing!

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