About Victoria Tane – Products & Inspiration

Victoria Tane has been creating elegance through upcycling for over 30 years. An award winning artist, she designs one-of-a-kind and limited edition jewelry using antique, vintage and recycled elements and is inspired to find new uses for old things not generally associated with jewelry.

Her work features old chandelier crystals, pencil ferrules (the part that holds the eraser), peach pits, wine collar wrappers, driftwood, telephone wire, old buttons, machine parts, and even, rabies tags.

Each element has a story behind it, from someone handing her a business card to being given a voluminous bag of “I-don’t-know-what-these-are, but I bet you could use them” metal objects. She seamlessly integrates these objects into her jewelry to create elegant, affordable and wearable art. The pieces in the gallery have been created by Victoria Tane.

Much of her inspiration comes from individual clients who bring her single earrings, broken strands of beads, and odd pieces of costume jewelry for redesign and repair. She is able to incorporate her extensive inventory of loose beads and findings into almost any design project. Whether you are looking for something new or wish to give something old a new life, the Jewelry Shop is for you.

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