Frank Ferraro: Sound Sculpture Artist

Artist, Frank Ferraro, has adapted; taking to new media to express his keen artistic sense. His thoughtful and emotionally charged work pulls inspiration from multiple realms of the senses like in his “Sonic Bridge Sound Sculpture.” For the piece he … Continue reading

Artists and Parkinson’s: Nanette Hatzes – Multimedia Artist

Nanette Hatzes is a multimedia artist. “That’s because I have a short attention span,” she says. As a painter and photographer, Hatzes is motivated by what’s in front of her. There’s a solitary moodiness to her work which is strongly … Continue reading

Beverly Kemp: Tackling Politics, Deliverance, and Parkinson’s

With a paintbrush in hand, and her sharp poetic wit punctuating her finished paintings, Beverly Kemp tackles politics, deliverance, and Parkinson’s with a ferocious sense of humor and motion. “Where is the law, the code, regulation, decree, clause or motion … Continue reading