Creating Digital Tear Sheets

At the end of July, we showed you how to create tear sheets to discover your color palette. For some, having digitally accessible tear sheets is preferred.

To easily collect and organize color palettes and design inspirations, there are a few services I recommend.

If you have a smart phone, you can always take pictures when you see a great color combination. You can downloaded the photos to your hard drive or email them to your inbox to use in your tear sheets. A sumptuously colored dress, a field of wildflowers or that new boutique display in town can all be captured for your inspiration.

Check out these websites and smart phone apps.


Polyvore takes a “clip, style, share” approach. By using the Polyvore clipping tool, you can download images directly into your account. Style and organize outfits and browse other people’s favorites to add to your collection.


Ebay fashion app

If you have an android or iPhone, try out the eBay Fashion app. Use any photos on your phone that capture a color you love and the app will show clothing that is in the same color. Use this to find interesting items, new textures, patterns and then save your new creations on Polyvore or Pinterest.

myPANTONE Fashion App

If you’re a real color maven and don’t mind spending $9.99, download Pantone’s app for the iPhone. It makes it easy to create color spreads on the go.


Are you on the Pinterest bandwagon? If you’re not familiar with this site, it’s a place where you can visually organize and categorize the things that you love!

User amilove organizes color palettes on her Color Me Pretty board. Ami has a great sense of style and she’s compiling images from fashion spreads, nature and food to showcase color combinations.

You can also check out my friend Amee Sweet McNamara’s beautiful soutache jewelry collections featuring mouth-watering color ways.

Pin to your hearts delight to display the colors that capture your attention.

Looking for additional sources to stimulate and expand your horizons? I highly recommend Design Seeds. This is a woman with a serious eye for color. Search by theme, color value or browse through her palette blog – she posts about 4 every day.

Over the next couple weeks, I’ll be talking about three style categories that I see many of my customers wearing – Classically Elegant, Pizazz Aplenty and Artful Appreciator.

Best of luck with your color hunting and email me if you have a color palette that particularly inspires you – it may turn into my next statement necklace.

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