• Barbara K. / Massachusetts

    “Hi Victoria! I got the Headbenz®!! Thank you SOOOO much! I plan to let my girlfriend choose the one she would like – which is more fun than my original idea. Funny how things work out. I will continue to pass your good name around. Actually, when I purchased my first Headbenz® from you, I was with my sister… we each bought one. I brought home a couple of your business cards. I gave one to a lady in the grocery store because she loved my Headbenz® so much. I hope she bought one. I just lost one last month or so, I keep thinking it’ll turn up somewhere. So I SOO needed another one. Thanks again Victoria.”

  • E.Z. / Connecticut

    “How happy I am to let a wild head of hair grow and have a Headbenz® to hold it back! For years, I kept my hair short, because I could not stand the feeling of it all over my face. The best part is that it feels so wonderful- no headband headaches– and hours later, it still holds my hair back, just as it was when I put it on! My original one is 5 years old, and with a slight flex of it before I put it on, it still holds shape!”

  • Jackie Mangione / Nature Inspired Designs

    “Victoria Tane’s Headbenz® saved me from a “bad hair day” just when I needed it the most! No longer are headbands just for school girls! Victoria Tane’s Headbenz® tame my full bodied hair with style and flair! No more “bad hair days” ever again! Victoria Tane’s Headbenz® tame my run away loose ends in seconds. With an assortment of styles and colors they are an affordable accessory for my wardrobe.”

  • Patsy O. / North Carolina

    “I have all of the Headbenz® that QVC use to carry and have enjoyed each of them. I have received many compliments and recommended them to others. I am glad that I found your website so I could order some of the ones that I don’t have!!!”

  • Judie B.

    “I currently have one of your Headbenz® and absolutely love it! I have unruly hair and your headband keeps it out of my face and does not hurt at the end of the day.”

  • Linda W. / Pennsylvania

    “Dear Victoria, I just want to say it is so nice to have found a headband that is comfortable. I have thick curly hair that really needs a headband. It is also so nice to be able to slip it onto my neck and still not look silly with a headband on my neck. It is so flexible which makes it blend in with any hairstyle. Thanks so much for a great design. Sincerely.”