The Artful Appreciator Woman

Artful Appreciator. The name itself conjures a woman captivated by handmade jewelry, clothing, furniture and art. She buys a piece of art not because it is trendy or fashionable but because it evokes a strong connection with the artist who made it.

Meryl Streep is a woman with Artful Appreciator flair. Being married to sculptor, Don Gummer, and surrounded by fine art she seeks out the one-of-a-kind, sometimes ethnic jewelry that tells a story about its maker. In this picture from the early 80s, is it possible that she’s wearing a 5 Geometrics necklace by Victoria Tane? Meryl is confident in her personal style. She knows her body and dresses accordingly, accentuating her gorgeous neck and shoulders.

Style for the Artful Appreciator depends on the body type. She leans towards all that is drapy and comfortable. You will often see these women in knits and jersey. Her day to day choices are less structured than classically elegant. Deconstructed jackets, shawls, and layers are all style keynotes for this woman. Texture is important and she tends to dress in solids. She may wear a Diane Von Furstenburg wrap dress or a Cynthia Rowley knit.

The Artful Appreciator might favor Victoria Tane’s architectural Frosted Grace necklace of stainless steel cake decorating tips and deco button closure because of its whimsy and creative use of materials.  She would be attracted to the versatile Color Block Patchwork necklace with its colorful array of antique, vintage, and handmade beads, chain, and castings from all over the world and would be intrigued by the stories of all the hands that touched it.

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