The Pizazz Aplenty Woman

Barbara Streisand is the quintessential Pizazz Aplenty woman. Her flamboyant style is expressed in animal prints, large scale geometrics, florals and over-the-top accessories. There’s a photo of her surrounded by a self-portrait, Grammys and other awards. Her personal style says,“Look at me!”

The Pizazz Aplenty woman is adventurous. Her taste in clothing is chameleon-like and embodies elements of boho chic to classically elegant and everything in between.

Abundance is the watchword for her clothing choices. She’ll wear anything from broad shouldered jackets with nipped in waists, flared skirts, palazzo pants to peekaboo feather and chiffon pj’s.  Capes, drapes, flowing scarves, and vests are part of her wardrobe vocabulary.  But she also channels the minimalist look with one statement piece. Solid color jewel tones like burgundy and emerald green complement Barbra’s fair skin and blue eyes. For women with warm toned skin, they can achieve the same look by using gold based earth tones like olive, rust, and chocolate brown.

Jewelry choices can be playful or serious. Necklaces and other accessories have a wide range of colors and shapes. She appreciates vintage and will mix costume and precious pieces together. She might select a Victoria Tane statement piece like the Ruff collar necklace (pictured on the right), the Steel Magnolias, or the classic, Pencil Top Necklace.

The Pizazz Aplenty woman is all about self expression and creating a stir. When she steps out into the world she intends to be noticed!

Are you a Pizazz Aplenty woman? Do you own a staple statement necklace that defines your fashion? I’d love to hear about it in the comment box below.

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