3 Things to Consider When Choosing a Statement Necklace

driftwood statement necklace resized 600Fashion conscious individuals are sure to be aware that accessories are the spice of any outfit. Without them, an outfit can often fall flat or seem bland and uninteresting.

One of the easiest ways to remedy this couture misstep is by infusing your wardrobe with a healthy dose of jewelry. No matter what season, jewelry is a fantastic accessory for making yourself stand out from the crowd. Choosing statement necklaces is a particularly easy way to grab people’s attention and announce your personal style flare.

The first step in this process is always to consider the size of the particular statement necklace. By its definition, it will definitely have to be bold in some way, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it has to dominate in the size department. Especially if you are short, slight, or have small features, an overly large necklace can actually detract from your personal chic factor. For this reason, find an appropriate balance. Try varying sizes of chunky beads, overemphasized stones, or large metallic adornments until something works well with your proportions.

The second factor in choosing statement necklaces is the color. The appropriate color at any given time is going to depend on your skin, hair, and eye coloring as well as the outfit. Don’t fall into the trap that you think jewelry has to match your shoes and handbag. The key idea here is complementary colors. Matching isn’t out of the question, but you should be much more concerned that none of your colors compete, clash, or create a busy, unrefined effect. Consider highlighting your eyes by choosing jewelry (and clothing for that matter) which nicely complement your eye color.

The last factor to consider with statement necklaces is the material used. Of course, you don’t have to limit yourself to just one statement necklace, but do keep in mind when purchasing what necklace could be most versatile across a wardrobe. The selection of material is wide ranging, so it’s just as likely to find a metallic necklace as it is to find a large inset stone hanging from a wide ribbon chain. Shop around for what works with your wardrobe. Victoria Tane’s driftwood statement necklace does not suit all jewelry wearers, but the woman who bought that piece fell in love with it because it suit her personality and sense of style.

Choosing statement necklaces to incorporate into your daily wardrobe is a great way to add interest to an otherwise basic outfit. Just think what a good statement necklace and a pair of stiletto pumps could do for your favorite dress!


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