Jewelry Designer and Using Upcycled Elements, Victoria Tane

Artist, entrepreneur, inventor and an award winning jewelry designer for more than 30 years, Victoria Tane creates a diverse line of accessories, using natural, recycled, and vintage elements. An avid recycler, she is inspired to find new uses for old chandelier crystals, pencil eraser caps, peach pits, driftwood, telephone wire, old buttons, machine parts, and even, rabies tags. She seamlessly integrates these objects into her jewelry to create elegant, affordable and wearable art. Much of her inspiration comes from individual clients who bring her single earrings, broken strands of beads, and odd pieces of costume jewelry for retreasuring. She is able to integrate and rework her extensive inventory of loose beads and findings into almost any design project.

Class 2.10.18

In addition to jewelry design, Victoria is the inventor of Headbenz®, a patented, adjustable, headache-free, headband and choker necklace. Victoria has successfully marketed Headbenz® on the QVC shopping channels both domestically and in the UK selling over 130,000 pieces.