Art to Wear: Tips for Buying Custom Handmade Jewelry

custom handmade shell necklace resized 600When browsing with a plan to buy custom handmade jewelry, you must remember 3 things:

1. You are buying a piece of someone: You are investing in the talent and art of the jewelry and essentially buying a part of the designer who made the jewelry. The jewelry maker has put a special part of their heart, mind and soul in the pieces they create, just as an artist would do painting a masterpiece.

2. You are enacting individualism: The piece of jewelry you decide to purchase will become yours, so therefore will become a part of you. Once it has left the jewelry maker and into your life, it will be your very own unique piece of wearable art.

3. You are helping the world: Sounds kind of extreme but ultimately you are staying away from large corporate jewelry makers and helping out the “starving artist” in building a customer base. Supporting small business is good for the planet because it’s less to create and more to conserve.

Custom Handmade Jewelry is not hard to find, check out local trading events such as farmer’s markets. Sometimes you can catch some handmade items there. Scour the internet. There are plenty of websites that belong to small jewelry artists looking to share their one of a kind creations with you. 

Talk to your friends and family, even a stranger whom you might admire a piece they’re wearing. Ask them where they got it. Word of mouth is a strong method in finding anything! 

Take a risk when buying custom handmade jewelry, try something different. The pieces will speak to you and you will know exactly what to choose. If it just becomes to difficult in choosing the right item, contact the designer and ask if they can create something you have in mind. This method will best suit the indecisive buyer.

No matter what, whether you’re new or an expert to the experience of buying custom handmade jewelry, it’s fun and exciting to show off your individual sense of style.


Art to Wear: Tips for Buying Custom Handmade Jewelry — 2 Comments

  1. Good points especially, the one about supporting small business. It’s so hard to compete with the marketing of Silpada, Cookie Lee, Leigha Sophia. Many people don’t have the artisan mind set.

  2. Yes, as an artist and a jeweler it’s hard to compete with these large retailers. What have you found to be helpful in your own approach?

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