Customer Spotlight –Lorraine Doo, A Model of Sustainability

It’s no surprise that some of my best customers are actively involved in sustainability and ways of going green. They are fearless enough to wear pencil eraser caps, paired with pearls and chandelier crystals, and they appreciate the discarded and the repurposed.  An animated, petite woman with a great sense of style, Baltimore resident, Lorraine Doo, says that her philosophy on sustainability derives from the late Barry Commoner’s wisdom on ecology: “Everything is connected to everything else, everything must go somewhere, nature knows best, and there is no such thing as a free lunch.”

Lorraine wearing Gold Cleopatra Pencil Top Set

In short, all living things are constantly affected by one another.  With this in mind, Lorraine uses her background in public health to assist national organizations in using sound green business strategies for their industry, and by working with municipalities to help them create innovative public policy.  In partnership with her husband, their firm, Doo Consulting, actively provides teams to help organizations integrate sustainable strategies into the building project, and to manage the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification process.

Doo’s sustainability efforts focus on the belief that people are affected by toxins not only in the air that we breathe, but also in products that we use every day.  The contents in plastics, wood and paints are changing “because people are finally demanding transparency from the manufacturers, and scientists are understanding what those chemicals can and have done to people,” she says.  In today’s society, people have tried to create technology that will improve upon nature, but change in a natural system can be harmful to that system altogether.  For example, in nature there is really no such thing as “waste” and there is nowhere that things can be thrown “away”, yet the toxins that we have created are detrimental to the health of our world and our own personal health.

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“We have to try to regenerate and repair the damage we’ve done,” she says.  “So much of what I do now is try to educate anyone I can.”  Sustainability and going green are not easy in today’s fast paced, technology driven world; but Lorraine is sure that by “appealing to what is important to each individual and helping them see what they can change through their own eyes and perspectives,” everyone can make a difference.

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