Exploring Versatility – Taking Vintage Jewelry from Day to Evening

Vintage necklace ready to go from day to eveningTaking vintage jewelry from day to evening is easy with a little bit of creativity. It often just means using a piece in slightly different ways.

For example, with the current color blocking trends one can create a bold evening looking by combining understated basic vintage pieces you would normally wear during the day. Two solid colored necklaces can be opened up and hooked together to form a necklace that is color blocked half of each color for a bolder color blocked effect. The use of two necklaces and even twisting them to added volume takes a smaller piece into an evening look.

Another way to transition from day to evening is again to find a more creative uses for a great vintage piece. A nice pendant or broach you wear to work suddenly adds sparkle and pop to an evening outfit if you now use it in your hair. This can be done to accent an up do, as a barrette or even added to a plain headband. A simple bit of sparkle you may wear to work now becomes a stunning focal point for an evening out.

Finally, a fun way to take a day time vintage piece into evening is to find a use for those pieces that have become broken or perhaps an earring you now only have one of. That damaged necklace that broke your heart when the chain broke can now become an accent for a cute little satin handbag or even re-worked to be worn in your hair as was noted above. An earring without a mate can easily be turned into a large ring for a fun cocktail look.

Being someone who already appreciates vintage pieces and wearing jewelry that is often one of a kind, taking the next step to make a daytime favorite into a night time hit is a fun fashion challenge. Putting vintage and even broken pieces to new use is a great way to bring new energy into old pieces.

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