Fall 2012 Color Inspirations

Victoria Tane Studios - Fall 2012 Colors

Even in the peak of summer, my eye turns to the colors of autumn fashion while I work on new designs.

Pantone’s fall color palette is plush and saturated with a few neutrals for visual relief. The Fall 2012 Color Report  features an array of delectable hues offering something for everyone.

The strong colors are balanced by softer neutrals like french roast, titanium and rose smoke. Use lively colors as accents – bright chartreuse, tangerine tango or pink flambe.

Think in threes when putting colors together – Bright Chartreuse, Olympian Blue and French Roast. When you play with threes, there is always a focal point.

You can even mix Pink Flambe, Rose Smoke and Rhapsody. This combination is tonal – meaning the palette is similar – the base color is red and changes with the addition of grey, white or black to get variations of the same hue.

One way to play up these colors is to accent neutral colors with bright ones. Think wearing a titanium colored top with a chunky necklace featuring Ultramarine Green, Tangerine Tango and Olympian Blue.

Want to try something new? Recommended by Heidi Ware, the Senior Fashion Editor at eBay, is an iPhone app that allows you to take a snapshot of whatever color captures your attention and it will search for similar colors and patterns. Called “eBay Fashion for iPhone,” this app is a great way to find new styles to play with in your autumn wardrobe.

Let me know what your favorite combination of these fall colors is. How do you wear them? Post your color inspirations in the comment box below.

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