Final touches – Tips for choosing the right color jewelry

Importance of color when choosing the right jewelry Choosing the right color jewelry is an art form in and of itself. Design appeal is important, but really nothing expresses better than color choice when it comes to jewelry. The key to being unique and standing out above the rest is not to create chaos, but rather to create interesting color combinations that are pleasing to the eye. To do this, get creative when you are working on accessorizing a particular outfit. Sometimes you do not even know that a color combination is going to work until you actually see it together.

When choosing the right color jewelry, play not only with colors but with shades as well.  If you are wearing purple, consider a different shade of the same color for your jewelry.  Another option is to go for a different color with similar undertones, such as navy with lavender.  While this is not exactly traditional, if the pairings are right they can really work to create a look like no other.

When wearing deep earthy tones such as tans and browns, use deep, bold colors for added pop.  An example is a deep plum with metallic gold swirls paired with chocolate brown.  With black and gray, stick with pure, bright colors or crystal stones for choosing the right color jewelry. The most important thing is to look at the pairing with a trained eye before wearing it out.  Ask yourself objectively if the colors work well together. What emotions does the color pairing you are looking at invoke?  Do they make you want to look at it more, or do they make you feel uncomfortable?  Simply taking the time to look at what you have chosen objectively can make the difference between a look that catches someone’s eye and one that garners no attention at all.

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