How to Wear Multiple Colors with One Necklace [Video]

With color blocking a prominent fashion trend for 2011, when you have your favorite multicolored necklace, how do you wear it with different color combinations?

In this video, Victoria features a necklace on the warm end of the color spectrum. She demonstrates what happens to a necklace when it is put on different shades of colors and how that affects the look of the necklace.

Experiment at home with this concept. Take a multicolored necklace and some of your favorite tops or dresses. Place the necklace on each of your clothing choices and observe the following effects:

  • What colors show more?
  • What colors recede?
  • What happens when you change the value of the color? What happens when it’s on lighter colors? Darker colors?
  • What colors of the necklace pop?
  • What happens when you put the necklace on a textured surface?

Have fun with the color focused trends of the season. Mix purple and turquoise. Orange and red. What colors can you put together in your own wardrobe? Try combinations of warm and cool colors. What happens when you mix a warm colored necklace with cool colored clothing choices? See what looks good on you.

Be adventurous and wear lots of color!

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