How will you choose to use color in spring 2012?

Get ready for Spring 2012 to shine with an array of color inspired by diverse influences. Fashion is more than just clothes or luxury, it’s an art as well as a lifestyle! From free & playful…to light & breezy…to contemporary classics…designers are showcasing a range of vibrant colors that reflect various moods.

Leatrice Eiseman (Pantone Color Institute, director) states that, “consumers look to Spring for renewed energy, optimism and the promise of a brighter day.” People have learned how color can alter a certain mood so that means more emotion will inspire fashion in the upcoming year. Fashion is art and art has navigated towards a more organic energy because it reflects who you are naturally.  Jewelry is an important ingredient of fashion translating pure/raw art. 

The color report Spring 2012

fresh colors for spring 2012The forecast is vivid brights, soft muted tones and fun loving pastels. Having the right handpicked accessories (such as jewelry) will help accentuate your look by highlighting your best assets. You will love combining your swift spring colors with various vintage metal shades of jewelry.

Do you want to look different? Are you interested in setting your own trends as well as standards? Make a personal statement with elegant upcycled eco-friendly jewelry. Find your inner fashion by rocking handmade necklaces, bracelets or earrings. This self expressional way of sharing art in its purest form will visually reveal your unique style to fashion.

The women’s color report Spring 2012 is forecasting:

  • provocative oranges
  • fanciful purples
  • sensual cabaret reds
  • sodalite blues
  • margarita (yellow-green)
  • sweet lilac (romantic pink)
  • solar powered energetic yellow
  • cockatoo (tactile blue-green)

Indulge in the natural elements of handcrafted accessories

How can you infuse color with jewelry? For a vibrant look…try combining a vintage coconut shell necklace with a fanciful purple top, coupled with a tangerine tango skirt.

The Garden of Eden bracelet captures the depth and beauty of the blossom. This gorgeous flower bracelet will bring out your uniqueness when you combine it with an energetic yellow and a classic maritime blue attire. You can also naturalize your look by adding a neutral color like starfish to the mix. 

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