Retreasuring™ – Giving jewelry new life

Your grandmother dies and leaves a jewelry box full of crystals, pearls and non-precious jewelry, chains… what do you do with it? You have a sizeable collection of jewelry and want to create pieces that are new and fresh. This is a process called Retreasuring™.

In Retreasuring™, I take the original components and mix them with my own collection of vintage and recycled elements to create brand new “old” designs, keeping with the feeling of the original piece.

You can make as many pieces as you want: earrings, bracelets and necklaces.

Are you interested in Retreasuring™ yours or someone else’s jewelry?

I’ll need to know:

  • Eye and hair color
  • Stature
  • Height
  • Neck size
  • Skin tone
  • Style: Casual dresser, girly girl, business professional, minimalist (some combination of the above) – describe your style or the style of the people who will be wearing the jewelry
  • Type of work you do

Why Retreasuring™?
It’s an opportunity to connect with the past; to commemorate a loved one, to have a shared connection between the women in the family.

Retreasuring™ is a continuation of history. It’s a way to make memories and remember those already made. These pieces can become family heirlooms with memorable stories behind them.

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In this project, I was given a collection of old jewelry and I remade it for all the women in the family