Testimonials on Victoria Tane® Jewelry and Headbenz®

“I’m wearing my beautiful necklace today in DC for the first time and it’s getting rave reviews. It was so great meeting you this weekend. I love my necklace and earrings and look forward to my special order.

Keep up your wonderful work of bringing people art, joy and delight while upcycling materials.”

–Alisa Gravitz, Executive Director, Green America / Washington, DC

“I’m always thoroughly enjoying the wonderful pieces I have of yours [I’m the proud owner of Receding Tide – one of your firsts with the driftwood I believe] and must let you know of the fascination by others who compliment your pieces when I wear them. I do them justice by dressing for the piece instead of accessorizing the outfit. This winter-time the most recent acquisition is the Bakelite necklace – in yellow – perfect for my skin tone and many colors I wear now.”

–Patty Piellucci / Enfield, CT

“Victoria excels in customer service. Hard to believe in this day and age that someone takes as much pride in her work and product. At least 5 years after I purchased a necklace, the item broke due to an accident having nothing to do with the product. Not knowing where to have it repaired, I emailed Victoria. At her own time and postage expense, she repaired the item free of charge. I’m thrilled to have my necklace back, but more importantly I’m encouraged to encounter such a businesswoman who puts her customer’s happiness first. I trust that this business philosophy and application will help Victoria continue to achieve successes”.

–Cheryl Jarvi / Business Management Consultant

“Hi Victoria!

I got the Headbenz®!! Thank you SOOOO much! I plan to let my girlfriend choose the one she would like – which is more fun than my original idea. Funny how things work out.

I will continue to pass your good name around. Actually, when I purchased my first Headbenz® from you, I was with my sister… we each bought one. I brought home a couple of your business cards. I gave one to a lady in the grocery store because she loved my Headbenz® so much. I hope she bought one.

I just lost one last month or so, I keep thinking it’ll turn up somewhere. So I SOO needed another one.
Thanks again Victoria.”

Barbara K. / Massachusetts

“I bought THE ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS necklace you were wearing on your neck. Well, I just wanted to tell you how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS piece of true art! I wear it almost everyday and am disappointed when I can’t…..
I have had so many compliments on it and I love telling the story of how I practically ripped it off of your neck.”

–Michelle Harter / Harrisville, RI

“It is such an opulent feeling to be able to say “my jewelry designer” made this for me. I get lots of compliments from both men and women on the pieces that Victoria has made whether off the shelf or special pieces I’ve asked her to make.

It’s kind of like having a composer write a song with me in mind that shows my vocal range to it’s best advantage. or a muralist knowing that there’s a spot in my home that needs a bit of special decoration and designing a scene that “just fits”. Victoria is an artist of personal decoration. When I wear her pieces, I feel lovely. I now own 7 or 8 of Victoria’s pieces, 2 of which she made especially for me. One piece had been a strand of large old crystals which broke. Victoria took the beads, added some additional beads and an antique clasp and made a handsome two strand necklace that I wear all the time. The second piece adapted “just for me” was a set of bright red cadmium beads and smaller black crystals, which were wonderful but I felt that they “needed something more”. I suggested silver beads and then gold beads and Victoria kept saying, No, No and then she suggested hematite caps and she took the beads away. When they arrived in the mail, I was taken with how the “caps” she suggested had accomplished just what I wanted but couldn’t envision. Having my very “own personal jewelry designer” is surprisingly affordable. You don’t have to be wealthy. These special necklaces are far less expensive than a precious stones and gold and silver. I wear my necklaces with turtle neck sweaters and jeans and with formal wear. They are fun and colorful. Perfect strangers comment on how pretty the pieces are. Best of all Victoria’s art appeals to my “whimsical” side – a side that most people who know me couldn’t imagine for a moment. But Victoria saw that side and now designs beautiful necklaces with me in mind.”

–Lynda Fagen

“How happy I am to let a wild head of hair grow and have a Headbenz® to hold it back! For years, I kept my hair short, because I could not stand the feeling of it all over my face. The best part is that it feels so wonderful- no headband headaches– and hours later, it still holds my hair back, just as it was when I put it on! My original one is 5 years old, and with a slight flex of it before I put it on, it still holds shape!”

–E.Z. / Connecticut

“I attended the Newport Jazz Festival this past weekend and I purchased 2 pieces from you: the “Garnet” necklace & the pink “Chandelier” glass necklace. I wore the pink necklace today to the office and my colleagues absolutely loved it! I told them about your jewelry and provided them with your web address. I actually visited the site and explained to them that you had so much more on display at the show. Is it possible for you to send me any other digital pictures of your work? They especially love necklaces.

Thanks again for the lovely pieces – I’m delighted with them!”

–Eileen R. / New Jersey

“Hi Victoria:

I’m not sure if you remember when [my wife] and I met you… She bought that beautiful red beaded necklace and earrings, and you were so kind to replace one of the earrings she had lost afterwards.  [My wife] loved jewelry, and dressed and accessorized herself so beautifully all the time. It was her way of saying, I’m not ill, and I want to look and feel beautiful all the time. And she did that until the very day she passed over. I have a picture of her wearing the red necklace…

Thanks again for just being a nice person, who obviously loves what she does.

I hope you business continues to thrive.

With love and thanks,”
–D.S, New Jersey

“Hi Victoria-

I saw a fabulous necklace you made this summer; actually, it was on my birthday, and I was out dancing at a swing night at the Boston Pops, and a woman who said she knew you was wearing the necklace you made from pencil tops and chandelier crystals. Totally wonderful!! I just saw a picture of it in the Boston Globe this morning, and I’m wondering if it’s in my budget. If you could email me with the price, that would be great.

Many thanks!”

–L. N. / Massachusetts

“Victoria Tane’s Headbenz® saved me from a “bad hair day” just when I needed it the most!

No longer are headbands just for school girls! Victoria Tane’s Headbenz® tame my full bodied hair with style and flair!
No more “bad hair days” ever again! Victoria Tane’s Headbenz® tame my run away loose ends in seconds. With an assortment of styles and colors they are an affordable accessory for my wardrobe.”

–Jackie Mangione
Nature Inspired Designs

“I have all of the Headbenz® that QVC use to carry and have enjoyed each of them. I have received many compliments and recommended them to others. I am glad that I found your website so I could order some of the ones that I don’t have!!!”

–Patsy O. / North Carolina

“I currently have one of your Headbenz® and absolutely love it! I have unruly hair and your headband keeps it out of my face and does not hurt at the end of the day.”

Judie B.

“Dear Victoria;

I just want to say it is so nice to have found a headband that is comfortable. I have thick curly hair that really needs a headband.

It is also so nice to be able to slip it onto my neck and still not look silly with a headband on my neck. It is so flexible which makes it blend in with any hairstyle.

Thanks so much for a great design.


Linda W. / Pennsylvania

“Hi Victoria,

I have lost both the Headbenz® I ordered last year, it’s awful! I depend on them in order not to have bad-hair days! I am sending a check for 2.


Martha C. / Massachusetts

“Hi Victoria,

We talked on the phone a few years back after I had purchased your Headbenz® on QVC. I also ordered more from you personally over the phone because I loved them so much because of their style and comfort… they are the only headbands that I can wear.

Thanks again for your originality and ingenuity in these Headbenz®. Just love them.”

Ann T. / Maine

“It was a bitter-sweet experience for me and my six sisters to divide my deceased mother’s jewelry that she had chosen for herself and had received from my father over a 60 year period. One of the items, a necklace of a single strand of brown glass beads and garnet pearls spoke to me. It wasn’t as splashy as the gold items I could have chosen, but its simplicity struck me. I thought of you when I looked at that simple strand and knew you could make some fabulous pieces of something new for yourself. It was a mother connection and you had just met my mother for the first and last time when you visited August 2013. I noticed that the color of the beads are colors in your house and clothing and I knew you would find a use for the beads. It gave me joy to think of my mother and you connecting somehow in the art of life.

Imagine my surprise when you turned around and re-gifted it to me, but in a different form. I had no idea that you “re-treasure” jewelry–take something old and make it into something new. You took this simple strand of beads that I gifted you with, shortened it a bit, using some of the beads to make earrings with an added element out of your studio. To the remainder of the necklace, you added some amber and deep yellow, one-hundred year old chandelier crystals as pendants to the necklace, and re-gifted the set to me, on my birthday.

I was very touched by your thoughtfulness, sense of beauty and care in this heartfelt, creative gesture to me, this first year following mom’s death. Tears sprung from my heart to my eyes as I placed the necklace around my neck. Here is an object that connects me to my mother, her absence in my life, and now also to you. It’s the “Mom-Victoria” link that whispers to me that the true gold in this necklace is this:  the caring and beauty of  a friend who knows and honors the loss of my mother.

It is indeed a treasure. The same, yet different and more elegant…just like I feel about life.  Without my mother, life is the same, it goes on, yet, it is different. The gift of grief for me has offered an elegance of being, a deepening in my human experience. I am reminded of this as I wear this necklace that you re-treasured. You have such a gift with your work, Victoria. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I know others for whom you re-treasure, will feel equally as grateful as I feel with a re-treasured item of their loved one.”

Cynthia S. / Misouri