Thinking resourcefully about your jewelry collection

A long strand necklace goes a long wayDuring these economic times, it pays to use all your resources just a little more wisely and that includes the resources in your jewelry box. Because let’s face it, we would all like to buy new necklaces, bracelets and earrings for special occasions but our budgets might not have room. Learning how to optimize what you already have in your jewelry box and by adding some key pieces to your collection, you can make the most of your jewelry.

Be Clothing Conscious
When you add new pieces to your collection, keep your wardrobe in the back of your mind. Look for pieces that would go well with a wide variety of outfits and look good either dressed up or dressed down. Can you wear those earrings to work and then to dinner? Will the necklace length work with several blouses and dresses? These pieces will add the most value to your jewelry box. You can also create new looks by wearing signature necklaces or evening jewelry with jeans, a great T-shirt and a sharp jacket. Trying out your current collection with different outfits will keep your style fresh.

Double Up
Create brand new looks by wearing two or three necklaces or multiple pendants on a single chain. Consider pairing a long chain with a shorter necklace or try twisting two necklaces together. You can also double longer necklaces and wear them as bracelets creating a new life for jewelry. By combining jewelry, you make your current collection go even farther and you may even start a few trends yourself.

Wear What You Want
Really decide how much jewelry you need to work with your lifestyle, work environment and wardrobe. You may find you need just a handful of necklaces or a few earrings to round out your collection. Only buy what you know you will wear regularly. For example, if you don’t normally wear bracelets, invest in one or two great pieces and spend your resources on jewelry you like to change regularly like pins and brooches or pendants.

While your jewelry budget may have taken a hit lately, that doesn’t mean you can’t freshen up your look with inspired ways to wear your bangles and bobbles. Keeping an eye on your closet, wearing old jewelry in new ways and being thoughtful about what you put in your jewelry box will help you turn your collection into a fashion resource.

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