Too Much Junk in the Jewelry Drawer and Nothing to Wear? Paring Down, Sprucing Up and Retreasuring™!

A messy, too-full jewelry box makes it hard to find what you want

Have you ever stood in front of your open closet that is full of clothes, and said, “I have absolutely nothing to wear!”  Do you experience the same frustration when opening your jewelry drawer?  Finding the right piece of jewelry, can be a daunting task when you are looking at a tangled clutter of the outdated, broken, or never worn.

It might be time to pare down, spruce up and think about retreasuring™ your jewelry collection! To do this ask yourself, what do you really need?  As you go through your jewelry, consider giving away what you don’t wear, and just keep the basics.  There are certain key pieces that are staples in a satisfyingly organized jewelry box.  To avoid the situation of having nothing to wear, always keep a strand of pearls, silver chain, and gold chain on hooks for easy access.  With these three necklaces alone, there are dozens of possibilities as to how they can be worn.

Vintage strand of 8mm pearlsDo you have a 36” strand of 8mm pearls? They can be faux, real, or vintage, with a nice clasp.  With this length, you can wear them long or short by doubling them or doubling them, twisting them and clasping them through the twisted end loop.  You can also knot them, wearing them so there is a v-shape around the neck, placing the knot high or low depending on your particular neckline.  You can even wear them as a bracelet.  Each of these options is versatile and chic and does the job of several pieces of jewelry.

One way of paring down is by making three piles out of your jewelry:

  1. Things that you love
  2. Loved but broken
  3. Discards

Keep the staple pieces in mind when building up your “Love” pile to make sure you are only keeping what you need, and also be disciplined and decisive when it comes to using the discard pile — no fence sitting!  Think honestly about what jewelry you do and do not wear.  Things that are in good condition, that you have not worn in at least a year, or that don’t have meaning to you can be repurposed, and will have value for someone else. When sorting, take note of what things tug at your heart, as you will be more apt to wear these pieces.

If you have single earrings or broken chain among the mix, think about retreasuring™ them with Victoria Tane Studios!  Single earrings can be turned into necklaces or pins, and broken chain can be linked together to create a longer chain that can be used in multiple ways.  Think about giving these old pieces a new life so that you can wear them frequently and with pride and delight! It’s eco-fashion at its best! Retreasuring™ as upcycling.  Think about what you can do with your favorite pieces and how you would like them to be!  Also, check to see if any of your itty bitty pieces of chain are karat gold or sterling silver as they can be scrapped for cash.

Jewelry should be like a little black dress – multifunctional, versatile and limited to a few fabulous pieces and a few everyday pieces that can be worn in multiple ways.  After paring down, sprucing up, and retreasuring™ your jewelry collection, you’ll always have something to wear!

Let me know how your jewelry decluttering efforts went! Have any tips to add of your own? Leave them in the comment box below.


Too Much Junk in the Jewelry Drawer and Nothing to Wear? Paring Down, Sprucing Up and Retreasuring™! — 2 Comments

  1. Ideas to sort jewelry:
    Make it a fun venture and sort your jewelry on your birthday! Take everything out of your jewelry box and lay it out on your bed. Sort “like with like” i.e. necklaces with necklaces, rings with rings, bracelets with bracelets. Pull out the things you wear all the time because they fit your style and color (we wear 20% of our clothing and jewelry 80% of the time.) Sort through the rest. Keep the heirloom jewelry in a separate box or in a safe keeping box. Sort the remaining jewelry keeping these things in mind: see if it is something you want to keep, bought it to go with an outfit that you no longer own, or is no longer age appropriate. These beautiful things can be re-purposed to family, friends or the thrift shop. Think of them as old friends moving on to live with someone else!

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