What is my personal color palette? Choose your best colors.

Ever wondered why the beautiful bronze dress that looks amazing on the hanger makes you look washed-out? Or why gold jewelry just doesn’t look as stunning on you as it does others? It’s the intriguing, and sometimes confusing skin-tone credo.

Understanding your skin tone makes the world of difference with your clothing, makeup and jewelry choices. Savvy combinations can turn an “almost” outfit into va-va-voom! By selecting the right colors for your skin tone, you will wear confidence as your ultimate accessory.

Pewter and crystal is good for cool skin tonesSkin tone is broken down into three categories: warm, cool and neutral; each with their own color palette. You may have an idea of your skin tone from the colors that flaunt the fabulous in you, but fashioning with your correct color palette will have you radiating health and vitality.

One of the easiest ways to determine your skin tone is the ‘vein test’. Examine the veins in your wrist under natural light, if they have a green tinge to them, you’re a warm skin tone; if your veins have a more blue hue, then you’re a cool skin tone.

Generally, those with cool skin tones have fair eye color with either blond or dark hair. Your color palette tends towards the rich, vibrant colors of royal blue, plum, emerald green and bright pink. Icy tones rather than pastels will have you glowing! Silver and white gold with vivid accents are your perfect jewelry choices.

Antique Bronze is a good color for warm tonesWarm skin tones have dark or hazel eye color, with black, brown, red or strawberry blond hair. Earth tones of chocolate, mocha, golds, bronze and sage will bring out the goddess in you, while the softer ‘fruit’ shades of peach and apricot are the ideal complement for your complexion. Shimmer with yellow-gold and bronze jewelry!

Neutral skin tones can wear any color, but will have cool or warm leanings. As color has such a wonderfully diverse range, there are always exceptions to the rule, so get creative and experiment!

warm cool color chartWarm/Cool Color Chart Comparison from elf Makeup & Cosmetics

Look at yourself as Michelangelo looked on his ‘David’: “… shaped and perfect in attitude and action.” With this in mind, mix emerald green and plum together to showcase the cool, funky you, or highlight your wild side with ice-blue. Adorn yourself in bronze and gold for that warm, classy you, or embrace your soft and fuzzy peach glow.

Indulge your love of color, pattern and design for a beautifully unique representation of you!


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  1. Thankyou Victoria for helping me to identify my skin color. I never knew that I was considered COOL, yet I did love purple and lime, and plum.
    I always learn so much from your

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